Why partner with us for your IOT Services?

TechnoSphere helps enterprises reduce complexity in making their data ‘Intelligent’ by offering a comprehensive suite of IoT solutions that integrate devices, sensors, middleware platforms, applications and a lot more. We understand that IoT applications require a carefully customized and precise approach based on individual client requirements. Our strong expertise in leveraging data – both within and outside the enterprise – combined with our world-class partner ecosystem, enables us to provide exceptional end-to-end IoT solutions, crafted for seamless experiences.

We offer holistic IoT solutions spanning Consulting, Strategy Implementations and Operational Support.

  • Consulting – Leveraging IoT for enterprise-wide efficiencies
  • Strategy Implementation – IoT enables global strategies achieve results
  • Operational support – Connected devices, applications and systems enable seamless operational support

Key Benefits

Our solutions are intelligently aligned with your business process value chain to drive tangible business outcomes.

Our proven platform is device-agnostic and has stood the test of time by supporting clients across a wide range of industries over the globe.

We provide real time data integration, analysis and reporting services for data collected by IoT devices leveraging Cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, GCP).

We are a one-stop IoT solution provider with world-class partnerships across all solution layers. Our device ecosystem comprises of more than 40 software and technology giants.

Did you know an enterprise at an average uses over 750 applications, processing thousands of petabytes of relevant data? As businesses become more sophisticated, they realize the need to monitor and analyze their business operations, track what is mobile and engage customers in more innovative and personalized ways. Interlinked devices produce vast amounts of data, leading to the rise of new services, which not only complement existing business models, but also open new revenue streams.

Megatrends and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are influencing industrial production worldwide. Manufacturing companies are required to design highly flexible and efficient processes and systems and to dynamically adapt their product and service portfolio to changing market requirements.

“Those who want to successfully position their production for the future and secure long-term competitive advantages must intelligently link the key factors of people, technology and adaptation“.


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