We offer a wide range of solutions. Our services include Advanced Threat Management, Application Security, Cloud Security, Cyber Advisory, Cyber and Risk Analytics, Data Security and Privacy, ERP Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Security, OT/IoT Security, Security Engineering, and Third-Party Risk Management. We are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your data and systems. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity, providing you with the tools and strategies you need to protect your business.

services we offer

  • Application Security (VA/PT, DevSecOps, Red Teaming, etc.): Security and monitoring for key applications like ERPs and CRMs.
  • Cloud Security: Comprehensive security solutions for organizations transitioning to the cloud.
  • Cyber Advisory (Strategy, Assessments, and Awareness): Detailed cybersecurity strategies and roadmaps to achieve business goals.
  • Cyber and Risk Analytics: Effective monitoring of KPIs and KRIs, aligning with organizational and Cyber Risk strategies.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Services to ensure compliance with data requirements in a dynamic regulatory and threat landscape.
  • ERP Security: Solutions to secure ERP infrastructure through proper governance, access, and process controls.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (Implementation and Risk Operations): End-to-end risk and compliance solutions leveraging our deep skills in risk management.
  • Identity and Access Management: Advisory, consulting, and implementation of IAM services like privileged access and identity governance.
  • Infrastructure Security (Network Security): Proactive defense strategies to secure your network from malware, ransomware, and lateral movement.
  • OT/IoT Security: Services to assess risk, build secure solutions, and provide visibility to mission-critical assets across networks.
  • Security Engineering: Assistance in engineering and building products/platforms with inherent digital trust and resilience.
  • Third-Party Risk Management: Streamlined upfront due diligence focusing on critical risks associated with vendors, business partners, and suppliers.


Find the best match for your needs with our bespoke security solutions  contextualized for specific industries.