Technosphere's AI capabilities tackle a variety of business and IT challenges, providing the ability to explain, predict, and respond within the business/IT ecosystem.

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Data Science

Data science capability enables organizations to adopt an enterprise-wide approach that incorporates analytical insights into their regular business operations, going beyond isolated pockets of analytics.

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Cybersecurity & Authenticity

Technosphere's expertise in cybersecurity ensures comprehensive protection for your entire architecture and ecosystem, including core systems, cloud infrastructure, websites, applications, APIs, and users.

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Cloud Solutions & Services

Technosphere leverages its Cloud Strategy, Engineering, and Automation capabilities to place the cloud at the heart of our customers’ businesses, creating significant value. Our customer-centric approach focuses on developing industry-specific solutions.

Transformation & Consulting

Our focus is on resolving customer challenges and assisting them in constructing a “Self-Healing” and “Sustainable” organization through our Global Innovation Ecosystem, Centers of Excellence (COEs), best practices, training, and skilled resources.

Digital Engineering And Transformation

Digital engineering and transformation leverage the power of science and technology to enhance people’s lives, reduce costs, improve comfort, and boost productivity. Let us assist you in making these improvements.


Technosphere simplifies the process of making data ‘Intelligent’ for enterprises through a comprehensive suite of IoT solutions. Our offerings include the integration of devices, sensors, middleware platforms, applications, and much more.