Innovative Cloud Solutions, Testing Capabilities & what sets us apart

We offer product development frameworks that involve continuous Integration and Deployment. Along with Managed Networking services that encompass cloud services, End User Management, Application Management and Infrastructure Management.
Furthermore, we expand on these expertise, Our high level service components and managed services include tooling, security, analytics, technology and practice.

Tools and orchestrators to support automation – ServiceNow, Jira, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible

Prevention, detection and response. DevSecOps integration.

AIOps and Machine learning for self healing and increased predictability

Flexible, scalable secure and cost-efficient solutions (Cloud, Containerization, SDN/NFV) – Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Agile mindset for Delivering continuous customer value in short sprints. DevOps practices for continuous deployment and increased productivity

Our Testing Services

What sets us apart?

What sets our services apart are our Unified Centers of Excellence, giving us unparalleled Assessment Capabilities offering a roadmap fortified by Strategic Implementation, backed by our state of the art Knowledge Management and Continuous Improvement capabilities giving Total System Quality Assurance.

Our Unified Center of Excellence (CoE) in 2024 for API Testing, Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Data Quality Testing, Web/Mobile Testing, and Security Testing is a centralized framework that provides leadership, best practices, research, support, and training for these focus areas.
Here’s a breakdown of how our CoE caters to different testing types:

Cloud Security Testing is a key factor for any industry to function optimally. Our capabilities include Multi Cloud Enablement, Observability & Analytics, Container, Kubernetes & Dockers, FinOps, DevSecOps, Software Engineering & Governance.

We would provide guidelines for conducting security testing to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software applications. This would include penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security auditing, and risk assessments.

We would provide guidelines for testing web and mobile applications to ensure they work correctly and provide good user experience. This would include functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and security testing.

We would ensure the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability of data. It would provide guidelines for conducting data quality tests, including data profiling, data cleaning, and data validation.

We would ensure that APIs function correctly and meet performance expectations. It would provide guidelines for API testing, including how to test different types of APIs (REST, SOAP, etc.), and the use of appropriate tools and technologies.

We would promote the use of automation in testing to increase efficiency and accuracy. It would provide guidance on when to use automated testing, how to create and maintain test scripts, and how to select and use automated testing tools.

We would provide guidelines for conducting performance testing to ensure that software applications perform well under expected workloads. It would cover aspects like load testing, stress testing, and endurance testing.


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