In the dynamic world of retail, the right talent can make all the difference.
Our company, with its deep roots in NY/NJ and a profound understanding of Wawa’s values, requirements, and culture, has added significant value to Wawa. Here is how we have exceeded expectations.

Decades of Experience & Expertise
With decades of IT and Executive Recruiting experience supporting national chains, we have honed our expertise in maximizing the return on hiring decisions. Our senior staff, boasting a combined 100 years of retail Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and Contract to Hire experience, have been instrumental in this journey.

As we specialize in various domains including Cyber Security, Cloud, DevOps, Scrum Master, Project Management, SAP, Salesforce AI/ML, OSM, Data Science, Python, Angular, Engineering, Microservices, UX, UI, CX, and Testing Automation. This diverse expertise allows us to find the right talent for Wawa’s specific needs.

24/7 Coverage
Our team of over 110 recruiters, located both nationally and internationally, work across US and non-US time zones, providing 24/7 coverage. This ensures that Wawa’s recruiting needs are met promptly, irrespective of the time and place.

Proficiency in Retail & CPG Domain
Our recruiters have vertical proficiencies in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) domain. This expertise aids in selecting the right engineers with appropriate domain knowledge, adding substantial value to Wawa.

Rigorous Screening, Training Process & Candidate pool
We employ a rigorous three-level screening process for each candidate. They are evaluated for client-specific technical, functional, and competency requirements. This up-front video evaluation saves valuable time for our clients.

We provide continuous training to candidates, preparing them for client-specific requirements. Our repository of 5 million resumes is a testament to our extensive network. We also use various plagiarism tools when submitting resumes to avoid duplication.
Our vast candidate pool, with over 2 million pre-qualified candidates in various skills, and access to 900,000 Retail/CPG domain-specific resources with various niche skillsets, ensures that we can meet diverse hiring needs.

Replacement Guarantees & Flexible Pricing
We offer replacement guarantees to protect Wawa’s investments. Our aggressive and flexible pricing for close partners allows them to leverage our services as they grow, depending on the difficulty of the requirement, speed of hire, and volume of any potential bulk hirings. This flexibility ensures that Wawa gets the best value for their investment.

High Placement Rate
We place about 60 to 65 Full-Time Employees (FTEs) and 50 contractors per month for our customers in the US. We work with integrity and pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality talent acquisition. We have a 100% customer retention rate with a 99% Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Personalized Guidance
We create compelling cases for individual candidates, guiding them and creating a career, financial, and personal roadmap. We provide each candidate with ample information about prospective companies, motivating them to join.

State-of-the-Art Tools
At TechnoSphere, as a future-focused company, we utilize state-of-the-art, AI-powered automated sourcing tools. These tools pinpoint the geographies, corporations, and industries where all the skilled and relevant resources could be located/contacted. Integrated with various job portals such as Dice, Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn, these tools provide an accurate view of resource availability and willingness to join.

Our company’s comprehensive approach to recruitment, backed by a deep understanding of Wawa’s needs and a vast network of resources, has added significant value to Wawa. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and contributing to Wawa’s ongoing success.