Contingency Search

Where can you get the services of recruitment experts for free? Right here with us! You won’t spend a penny until after your position is filled with the qualified candidate. We will use our manpower, our paid subscriptions, and all resources available to us to get you the right person. Our rigorous screening process ensures that you see only a short list of topnotch candidates that are worth your time to interview. To make the deal even sweeter, you get a guarantee that the candidate we placed will stay with you for 90 days or you get a free replacement candidate or a refund.

Retained Search

For specialized searches such as executive level positions, our retained search division is the answer. A team consisting of an account executive, recruiters and researchers will work alongside with you throughout your search, providing you with up-to -date status, sharing market intelligence, discussing prospects, and presenting qualified candidates quickly. Candidates are assessed not just by their skills and competencies but also by their soft skills and culture fit within your organization. Retained search works best for difficult positions, confidential searches, or senior-level management positions where there are fewer qualified candidates. We will scour for those hard-to-find first-rate candidates who are not in the job market and get them to take an interest in your company and what you have to offer. We ask for your commitment to pay a third of the estimated fee upon the start of the search, one third upon interviewing presented candidates, and the final payment when the candidate starts.