Customer Relationship Management (CRM) maximizes the value of internal customer information through more effective and efficient marketing, sales and customer service. At TechnoSphere, we have worked with customers from a range of industries to focus them on their most important asset: the customer. By enhancing your decision making process, we can help you sustain continuous improvement in customer service and your business as a whole.

Based on industry leading solutions, we help customers address a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas like customer retention, customer Intelligence/Data Mining, account management, CRM Process Reengineering & Efficiency and call center interaction. We work in partnership with our clients to devise strategies to increase customer satisfaction employee productivity, internal quality benchmarks and ultimately to the bottom line – increasing revenue and profitability. We are vendor agnostic and work without compromise to choose the right technical solution for each of our customers. Experience has taught us that no two CRM solutions are ever the same. We manage as much or as little of the solution and deployment process as our clients require — ours is not an all or nothing approach, but a collaborative partnership to deploy the right solution for the Enterprise. On deployment, we continue to provide services such as customer training, post implementation support and enhancements.