Kajal Rana

Head of Contract and Accounting

Kajal Rana (Kajal) is an experienced Contract and Accounting professional with over 14 years of experience at TechnoSphere, Inc. At TechnoSphere she is responsible for all aspect of Contract Management, Accounting, financial, tax reporting, strategic planning, and budgeting.

Kajal also possesses experience in several aspects of human resources including onboarding, training, employee relations, performance management, directing the administration of all HR function, incentives, benefits, payroll etc.

A seasoned accountant, Kajal’s past work experience included representing assets and liabilities for companies, documenting all financial transactions end to end helping companies to manage their cost expenses effectively resulting companies meet their financial goals.

Kajal graduated from Montclair University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in year 2008. She is based out of Clifton, NJ; happily married for 14 years now and lives with her husband Divyesh and son Dhurv