Danny DeGhetto

Global Head of Sales

Danny joined TechnoSphere Inc. in 2013 as a sales Manager. He quickly moved into Executive leadership where he has spent years improving business processes and partner relationships. He now manages Sales globally while remaining hands on with customers, where he excels at opening new opportunities, motivating dynamic teams, and implementing programs to enable workforce growth.

By bringing a background in psychology, finance, and community leadership to TechnoSphere Inc, he understands people-driven markets and succeeds at taking lead when companies decide to invest in human capital. He has developed a track record of progressive Sales strategies that ensures a competitive edge, and prides himself on exceptional customer service, which is why he has solidified TSI as a preferred provider to much of our existing clientele today.

Prior to joining TechnoSphere, he was hired to open a Sales division for a Major Tech company, where he was responsible for enterprise-wide deliveries of IT solutions. With his business acumen and perseverance, Danny made the venture a highly successful one.

Danny graduated from the University of South Florida with degrees in Finance and Economics. He is based out of Jacksonville FL, and his hobbies include coaching teams, the beach, music, and a tight family with whom he spends most of his free time.