Our Team


Aureo Capiral

Chief Operating Officer

Aureo was the founding member of Technosphere Inc. and part of the team since 1994. Aureo brings in more than 28 years of experience managing sales, recruitment, legal, and finance…


Danny DeGhetto

Global Head of Sales

Danny joined TechnoSphere Inc. in 2013 as a sales Manager. He quickly moved into Executive leadership where he has spent years improving business processes and partner relationships…

Lucy Barredo

Lucy Barredo

Head of Recruitment

Lucy Barredo is the head of recruitment at TechnoSphere Inc, and with the company for last 20 years. Highly respected in the recruitment world, Lucy is an expert in finding IT and Healthcare…

Kajal Rana

Kajal Rana

Head of Contract and Accounting

Kajal Rana (Kajal) is an experienced Contract and Accounting professional with over 14 years of experience at TechnoSphere, Inc. At TechnoSphere she is responsible for all aspect of Contract …