Drive Digital Transformation Effectively

As part of the digital journey, enterprises must manage the disruption of existing business practices while acting on new growth opportunities. At the same time, they must ensure high level of process efficiency to ensure smooth business operations. Cloud and a host of other technologies such as big data, AI, IoT and blockchain have emboldened enterprises to seek more transformative gains for their business. These technologies can bring about disruptive changes to the business, and cloud is the key enabler that propels the adoption of these disruptive technologies.

In fact, business functions are increasingly driving such transformation programs today, a stark shift from when IT held the sole responsibility. TechnoSphere gives a realistic picture of how global firms are adopting the cloud to drive their digital agenda more successfully.


The TechnoSphere’s cloud practice is focused on helping enterprises realize strategic business outcomes from their digital transformation program. Our offerings are carefully constructed based on a keen understanding of today’s enterprise needs. We are well-equipped to provide you comprehensive assistance through the cloud journey from process design, digital roadmap, platform architecture, technology and product selection, implementation, adoption and long-term support. Regardless of the stage, your organization is on its cloud journey, our service portfolio is designed to assist you.

TechnoSphere helps clients accelerate their digital transformation with cloud, delivering business outcomes through tailored industry solutions and leveraging strong partner ecosystem. We enable our Customers to embark on their digital journey by helping them on 3 distinct dimensions

  • Evolving new ways of engaging customers and create more value
  • Creating a smarter enterprise that drives hyper productivity and innovation
  • Defining new business models by discovering new frontiers and creating new ecosystems

TechnoSphere is the Ideal Partner for your cloud initiatives

Our market-relevant portfolio, built on a robust eight-dimensional differential and holistic foundation to drive cloud transformation, delivers results that you seek. The differential components comprise:

  • Partner-centric GTM themes
  • Client and market focus
  • Localization and innovation hubs
  • Creating scale through hiring and refactoring
  • Dedicated economies
  • Investments in service R&D
  • Industry solutions

Our investments in  Polycloud platform, Edge Computing, aims to accelerate the digital journey of our customers and get them closer to becoming a digital native organization. Additionally, our strategic investments in startups or differentiated solutions or relationships with premier academic institutes add weight to our offering.

TechnoSphere’s cloud practice is based on a carefully constructed strategy and aims to deliver the maximum benefit to our customers.

Adopt The Cloud To Catalyze Growth

Cloud Enabling Digital Transformation

Cloud enables new and flexible operating models, as well as the agility to compete in a dynamic and changing world. But the journey can be difficult and expensive. How are you addressing your organization’s needs for faster time to market, better customer experience, improved agility and scalability while addressing governance and cost issues?