TechnoSphere specializes in Business Analytics, AI
and Cloud Computing .

TechnoSphere specializes in Business Analytics, AI and Cloud Computing. We have offices in New Jersey, Sydney, Singapore, and Manila, and is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the NMSDC, New York Empire State, and New Jersey Department of Commerce.
Our core values lie in the quality of our people, customer orientation, innovative 'out of the box' thinking, and the pursuit of excellence. We build teams that are right for the job, are able to operate fluently in their environments, and are capable of achieving results. These values form the underlying principles and guiding parameters for the way our organization operates today.



To become the company of choice in bringing clients and candidates together to meet the growing and changing requirements of Information Technology and the business that it supports


To distinguish ourselves by presenting clients with candidates that stand above the rest

To implement working standards that will bring out the best in our employees

To consistently review and elevate our performance to the highest level

To uphold and guard the moral integrity of the company and become a magnet for conscientious business partnerships

To add value to the community by facilitating the employment of IT and business professionals

Corporate Responsibility

We at TechnoSphere believe that being good corporate citizens carries a lot of responsibility both within and outside our organization. Our corporate responsibility covers four areas: Business, Family, Community, and Environment.

Business. When doing business with our clients and candidates, we live by a certain code of ethics that can be summarized in a 5-letter acrostic as below: H – Honesty I – Innovation R – Respect E – Excellence D – Diversity The above list compels us to always be upfront with our clients and candidates on the status of projects, interviews, and the like, to be conscientious about what we charge the client compared with industry standards, to keep a watchful eye on preserving the client’s confidential information, to always keep our client’s interests in mind, to present only the best candidates that we’re able to find for every position regardless of ethnicity and other factors, to ensure that our people are delivering topnotch service to our client, to constantly seek ways to better ourselves and provide more value to our services.

Family. Our organization works hard to strengthen the families of our employees. If they’re not currently assigned to a client, they can work flex time if they have certain family situations that calls for it such as children to take to school in the morning, taking care of a sick person in the family, going to an appointment with a healthcare practitioner, and the like.

Community. Being charitable runs in our corporate culture. As an organization, we set aside 10% of our profits to be given to charitable organizations and we encourage our employees to take part in charitable activities. We sponsor marathons, walks, and other acivities organized by groups with certain disabilities. We contribute to our local fire and police departments.

Environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is a conscious effort within our company. We recycle everything that can be recycled, minimize the printing of documents, use double-sided printing and copying, encourage employees to use our filtered drinking water fountain rather than buying bottled water that can generate plastic waste, and buy energy-star products where possible.

Supplier Diversity Policy

At TechnoSphere, we believe that supplier diversity provides us with a significant position of strength in which to support our clients and perform in the markets we serve. Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we strive to obtain high-quality goods and services from minority and women-owned businesses. We believe this program has the potential of creating better partners, stronger customers, and economic growth for our clients, our business partners, and our customers and employees. The policy ensures strict compliance with all regulatory agency requirements as well as with federal, state, and local procurement regulations and programs.

In order to do business under our Supplier Diversity Program, prospective suppliers must be certified by a third-party agency. The three main agencies we recognize are listed below.

National Minority Supplier Development Council Women's Business Enterprise National Council U.S. Small Business Administration

Please note that we actively pursue and recruit suppliers who are certified as minority and/or women-owned. The term “minority- or women-owned business” is defined as a company certified to be at least fifty-one (51%) owned and operated by minority or women group members. For the purposes of this definition, minority group members are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native American Indians, American Eskimos and Southeast Asians.

MBE Certifications

TechnoSphere is certified by numerous agencies in New York and New Jersey as a Minority, Disadvantaged, and Small Business Enterprise.

  • New York and New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council
  • New Jersey Minority Business Enterprise
  • New York State Minority Business Enterprise
  • New York City Minority Business Enterprise
  • New York State Dept. of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • New Jersey Transit Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • The Port Authority or New York and New Jersey Minority Business Enterprise
  • New Jersey Small Business Enterprise