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Financial Services
The Financial Services unit delivers solutions for the wholesale, retail and investment-banking industries. We have partnered with leading institutions to deliver securities and commodities trading systems, credit information systems, and emerging markets systems. Our main service offerings include application development, high-end consulting, customer education, and product testing, application / database performance tuning, system management, and web enabling of legacy systems.

We believe that the Internet will continue powering innovations for portfolio and risk management as well as outsource processing and services for businesses. We recognize that regional and global consolidation will persist as firms build scale and scope to drive down costs and control ongoing large-scale investments in technology.

TechnoSphere is your partner to develop outsourcing approaches to cost reduction and productivity improvement.

The insurance unit delivers solutions for all areas of insurance and reinsurance. We partner with leading companies to deliver solutions globally. Past service offerings include technology solutions for Life insurance, Property and casualty, Healthcare, Reinsurance as well as Pensions and annuities.

Media and Entertainment
The Media and Entertainment unit delivers solutions to help our clients face the new challenges for their industry , including digital media. With intimate knowledge of the industry, we work with our clients to formulate strategy and technology solutions so that, together, we can help you craft and execute a winning plan. We provide consulting as well as application development and tools that leverage the efficiencies of the Internet across your enterprise.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry is in flux – with new innovations constantly emerging as well as legislation and technical breakthroughs that affect the manner and focus of healthcare delivery. The emerging models of healthcare are heavily dependent on the support of efficient information systems driven by technology. Our Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals practice brings deep industry expertise of the healthcare marketplace with incremental, economical solutions – all with unbending quality and superior levels of service. Our service offering spans pharmaceutical industry, health care providers, healthcare insurance industry, organizations in the healthcare supply chain, as well as healthcare standards compliance and industry best practices.

The fragmentation and laissez faire regime of the traditional healthcare industry is being replaced by a more cohesive and interconnected network of providers, suppliers and clients. Powered by the new digital age and internet technologies, the healthcare industry is transforming itself into a consumer focused, performance driven industry reliant upon cross industry partnerships to deliver superior service. Technology is driving the implementation of this process and with a successful track record in delivering key healthcare solutions, we can partner with our clients to ensure that they take full advantage of this industry-transforming revolution.

Access to information around the world is becoming more critical as the manufacturing industry continues in its drive to operate globally. Enterprises are increasingly seeking to enter new markets, to expand into new geographies and to improve earnings by using resources around the world. As the manufacturing industry continues in its drive for reengineering and efficiency, we have partnered with leading companies to deliver key technology solutions for the manufacturing industry. We help our clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific technology programs — our expertise in this area is built around successful client engagements and product experts who can implement industry specific packages and solutions.

About 66% of the US GDP is consumer driven. Expanding retail sales are critical to the health and vibrance of the economy. The consumer and retail shopping patterns are key economic drivers. TechnoSphere has the expertise to advice our retail clients in the development of best IT practices for logistics, inventory control, pricing and other matters that impact top/bottom line growth and market share expansion. We recognize the significance of the almost exponential growth of internet shopping and the demands it place on IT infrastructure. We advice our clients how to design scalable, flexible on line systems that facilitate a pleasant customer buying experience and encourages repeat visits to the merchant’s web site.

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