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About: Corporate Responsibility

We at TechnoSphere believe that being good corporate citizens carries a lot of responsibility both within and outside our organization. Our corporate responsibility covers four areas: Business, Family, Community, and Environment.

When doing business with our clients and candidates, we live by a certain code of ethics that can be summarized in a 5-letter acrostic as below:
H – Honesty
I – Innovation
R – Respect
E – Excellence
D – Diversity
The above list compels us to always be upfront with our clients and candidates on the status of projects, interviews, and the like, to be conscientious about what we charge the client compared with industry standards, to keep a watchful eye on preserving the client’s confidential information, to always keep our client’s interests in mind, to present only the best candidates that we’re able to find for every position regardless of ethnicity and other factors, to ensure that our people are delivering topnotch service to our client, to constantly seek ways to better ourselves and provide more value to our services.

Our organization works hard to strengthen the families of our employees. If they’re not currently assigned to a client, they can work flex time if they have certain family situations that calls for it such as children to take to school in the morning, taking care of a sick person in the family, going to an appointment with a healthcare practitioner, and the like.

Being charitable runs in our corporate culture. As an organization, we set aside 10% of our profits to be given to charitable organizations and we encourage our employees to take part in charitable activities. We sponsor marathons, walks, and other acivities organized by groups with certain disabilities. We contribute to our local fire and police departments.

Reducing our carbon footprint is a conscious effort within our company. We recycle everything that can be recycled, minimize the printing of documents, use double-sided printing and copying, encourage employees to use our filtered drinking water fountain rather than buying bottled water that can generate plastic waste, and buy energy-star products where possible.

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